Spot clean only using a damp cloth, let dry in a supported position so the shape is maintained. If hat should become crushed steam or wet to reform original shape. Celina Kane provides complimentary re-blocking for damaged or well-loved hats, inquire here


Use a soft bristled hat brush or a baby brush to lightly dislodge dust, dirt & lint that can get trapped into the fur fibers. Do not wet. 

Liquid spills can be harmless if dealt with right away, as the fur felt will naturally repel liquids and spills with roll off the surface. Any remaining fluid should be GENTLY blotted up quickly using highly absorbent towel or napkin. Avoid pressing into the felt as much as possible. After drying, use natural bristled brush to go over the spill and loosen the compressed fibers. 

Do not wear in rain. 


Store upright and flat in a hat box or in a cool dry place. To best maintain shape use acid free tissue to support the crown and any curvature of the brim. Some hats can be easily folded or rolled up for packing but do not store these folded for long term storage.  


Some hats are designed to be easily folded and rolled up for packing & tossing into your beach bag! For all other hats, wear onto plane or pack upside down in center of luggage, fill the crown and support brim with soft garments, etc.